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Gone - Septiplier
"Mark you really need to stop this. Running into me, I mean." Jack said.
"Oh, g-god! I'm sorry!" Mark uttered feeling flustered and rushed to pick his books up. Rolling his eyes, Jack dropped to the ground and helped, avoiding the same books that Mark was touching. He was sure his heart would stop if they both picked the same one and the situation become even more cheesy.
"I'm n-normally more careful, I'm sorry, Jack." Mark apologised awkwardly. Come on Mark, ask him out! It's the perfect opportunity! Shaking his head to himself, Mark stood up with a full pile of books in his hands.
"It's fine, don't worry about it." Jack assured him, putting a hand to the back of his neck. "Hey um, I was wondering..." he started, hesitating. Should he really try and hang out with popular nerd? Sure he was cute and adorable and his hair was gorgeous and his muscles... "Don't get me started on his muscles..." Jack muttered to himself, glancing up at Mark to make sure he hadn't heard. Now what sh
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Hidden Within ( Markiplier Fanfiction) Chapter 5
Mark's P.O.V.
"Hey, guys. Today, I have some very important announcments. Obviously, I'm back in action here in L.A. It's great to be back and I'll be able to actually record videos for you guys again!" The vlog began as any other, with me updating my fans on what has been going on in my life, and I smiled as I talked, because they have no idea how much they mean to me. My fans mean everything to me. Without them, I'd be nothing. I wouldn't be sitting here in front of the camera, telling them about how awesome it was to see them at Pax, telling them about how honored I am to have such amazing people following me.
I had started with nothing, with just my brother and a couple friends subscribed to me. But after only three years, that small number grew to seven million people. And I'm still trying to wrap my own head around it. Out of seven billion people on this Earth, a full percent have decided to look up to me, decided that I'm worth it. And I told them this, I rambled on like I usual
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Hidden Within (Markiplier Fanfiction) Chapter 4
Mark's P.O.V.
     Esme's soft white hair cascaded down her back in an unbroken waterfall as she stood on wobbly legs. She bit her bottom lip in concentration as she took a tentative step forward, careful to regain her balance before stepping again. We were making our way out of the hospital, the sun blindingly bright as we pushed past the two glass doors.
     It had been two weeks since the panel, fourteen days since she had saved my life, since her screams of agony had begun to haunt my dreams. I've stayed here in North Carolina with her, Wade as well because he didn't want me to be alone. We've been at a hotel about five blocks from the hospital. Wade has met Esme, and will not stop talking about how amazing she is. He came in with me everyday, and  pestered her with questions, until I somewhat politely made him leave. He's at the airport now, waiting for me to arrive.
     It's been somewhat of a torture, waiting for
:iconangel-in-hiding:Angel-in-Hiding 10 17
Hidden Within (Markiplier Fanfiction) Chapter 3
Mark's P.O.V.
     Esme's odd scent of sunlight and freshly fallen snow as well as her rhythmic breathing must have lulled me to sleep, because the next thing I knew there was a nurse shaking me awake. I blinked blearily up at her annoyed expression. My hand still held Esme's, and my head rested on the pillow next to hers.
     The nurse gave an exasperated sigh. "Sir, you can't sleep in the patients bed. She's still in danger of her wound opening again and you rubbing up against her isn't helping."
     I felt the heat rising in my cheeks and I quickly but gently slid off the bed. I untangled my fingers from Esme's and ran them through my hair. "Sorry."
     The nurse simply waved a hand to the door. "Visiting hours were over a while ago. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
     I nodded meekly, glancing one last time at Esme. Her face showed complete peace, and I quietly sighed. I'm not sure if it was out
:iconangel-in-hiding:Angel-in-Hiding 10 1
Hidden Within (Markiplier Fanfiction) Chapter 2
     I tapped my feet in a rhythm of none sense, my anxiety soon going to drive me crazy. They haven't told me a thing since we arrived. Just as the ambulance had pulled into the emergency section of the parking lot, the paramedics had rushed the girl into the hospital. When I had tried to ask questions, a doctor came and firmly said to go to the waiting room and they'll keep me updated.
     But not a single nurse or doctor has approached me with news on the girl, and I was getting ready to scream. I have absolutely no patience, especially in high strung situations like this, and my fear was not helping at all.
     I gave a frustrated growl and stood, nearly pulling my hair out as I ran my fingers through it. The small waiting room was starting to get smaller, and I paced the length of it, trying to diffuse the crushing feeling of panic. The lady behind the reception desk was giving me annoyed looks, but I ignored her. Shut up, nur
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Hidden Within (Markiplier Fanfiction)
 At first glance, Mark Fischbach is your average, great looking guy. At least, that's what you see if you don't know his occupation. Mark is a YouTuber who, going by the name Markiplier, creates a variety of videos for the world to see in hopes of making peoples lives better. Now that you know this, would you still see him as average, or did this information boost him up a couple notches on the "normal-to-awesome" scale? Though just about every one of his fans see him as a savior, their white light at the end of the pitch black tunnel, he sees himself as just a guy who yells at a camera alone every day. But Mark isn't even your average YouTuber. He's something more. What, you ask? Well, no one knows, not even him. Until a girl who saves his life shows him what it is. We all have something special hidden within us, something that very few of us can see, that few can embrace. This something she shows him will change his life forever.
Quick authors note: I'll try to do fe
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Oneshots, of Sorts: Jacksepticeye-Refusal
A.N.- I am going to start little random one shots of any YouTuber. There will be one story each week! If you want a personal one, let me know your name of choice, your physical description, personality, who you want to meet/fall for, and where it will take place. I hope your day/night continues to be awesome!
I had a buzz of excitement flashing through my blood stream as I clicked Omegle and typed Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and any other YouTubers I could think of into the interest bar. I do this everyday; set aside an hour or two to go onto Omegle with these exact interests. And not to try and meet any of them. To see if anyone on the community needs help.
I do the same on tumblr and DeviantArt and twitter. I just love to help people. That's one of the reasons why I started doing this: to provide aid to those in need, whether they need someone to talk to, or just someone to listen to them. And right now, judging by the twitter post Jacksepticeye just wrote, there's going to
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